Partner FAQ




How do I create my Ecosystem Listing?

Please fill out our New Ecosystem Listing From. We will automatically receive the info and create your listing. 


How do I update my existing Ecosystem Listing?

Please fill out our Ecosystem Listing Update Form. We will automatically receive the info and update your listing. 


We need to put Lever on our website, who do we talk to?

Please email for any inquiries regarding listings and marketing. 


How will Lever promote our new integration? 

Check out this page to see how we announce all our new Integration Partners. 


Where can I find a Lever Logo?

Lever Brand Guidelines has everything you need


How should we promote our Lever integration?

List Lever on your partner page/marketplace/Ecosystem - Please reach out to for content and assets. 

Let your customers know we've integrated! You've worked hard to build this integration, let's make sure everyone knows about it. Consider including Lever in in-app notifications, customer emails, blogs, and social posts. 

If you share a post on social be sure to tag us so we can re-share it.

If you're thinking about submitting a press release feel free to use our Press Release Template 


What kind of support will our customers receive if/when they have trouble with the integration?


Once the integration is released, all customers will have access to a fully documented Help Center article. If a customer is experiencing an issue we will instruct them to reach out to you (partner for support). If they continue to have an issue please ensure they submit a customer support ticket.  


Who is my technical support contact at Lever?

If you need help with your integration please contact Lever Integration Support by submitting a ticket here.


How will Lever communicate maintenance or changes to status?

Lever will communicate with partners if there is a chance an update will affect your integration. You can also stay up-to-date with all Lever maintenance and status changes by subscribing to automatic updates at,  checking for APi updates, and watching our Release Notes. 


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