Partnership Press Release Template



Here is a template you can use to share the news of our integration.  


Sample Title - [Company Name] Expands Integration with Lever // [Company Name] Joins Forces with Lever to XX

Sample Subhead - [Company Name] provides XX with LeverTRM

City, State - Today, [Company Name] announced an enhanced integration with Lever, to provide XX. The integration will help companies XX. 

2-3 sentences here about what this partnership/integration will help your company accomplish that you were not able to before, or share the market/customer need for this ability from your company. 

2-3 sentences here about how this fits into the larger plan for where your company is heading/the company’s ecosystem. 

Quote from your executive in charge of the partnership - ideally 2 sentences about why your company is excited about the partnership and what this means for your company.

[Lever may provide a quote upon request]

About [Company Name]

Your company’s boilerplate here

About Lever

Lever is a leading Talent Acquisition Suite that makes it easy for talent teams to reach their hiring goals and to connect companies with top talent. Lever is the only platform that provides all talent acquisition leaders with complete ATS and robust CRM capabilities in one product, LeverTRM. The Lever Hire and Lever Nurture features allow leaders to scale and grow their people pipeline, build authentic and long-lasting relationships, and source the right people to hire. Lever Analytics provides customized reports with data visualization, see offers completed and interview feedback, and more, to inform strategic decisions between hiring managers and executives alike.

Our platform also enables companies to hire with inclusivity in mind, helping eliminate any hiring bias. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 4,000 companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Atlassian, KPMG, and McGraw-Hill Education. For more information, visit


[Company Name]

Name, title




Michelle McCourt, PR Manager

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