New Partner Guide



Congratulations on completing the production of your integration. Let's make sure you have everything set up to ensure a successful launch and partnership with Lever! 


Step 1: Create your Ecosystem Listing

Please fill out our New Ecosystem Listing From with all your information and we'll upload it for you. 


Step 2: Send us your GTM resources

Make it easy for our sales, customer experience, and implementation teams to recommend your solution. Send us an overview one-pager, deck, or video of your product and we will host it in our repository. Collateral can be set as external or internal use only.


Step 3: Learn more about Lever

Visit our Learn with Lever page to access all the information about Lever and our solutions. 


Step 4: Share the exciting news with your customers and prospects.

To make the promotion of our integration seamless and easy we've created some templates for Partners to leverage. Feel free to use our PR template. 

If you post on social media be sure to tag us so we can engage with your post! 

Lever Handles:

Step 5: Check out our FAQ page

Visit our FAQ page to view all our top asked questions. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for please reach out to



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