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LeverTRM - Complete Talent Aquisition Suite

The information below will help your go-to-market teams understand what Lever is and when to recommend us to customers and prospects. 



What is LeverTRM

We built LeverTRM to bridge the critical gap between traditional ATS and CRM systems. LeverTRM is the industry’s only native, single platform ATS and CRM that delivers actionable insights through our robust analytics.

We’ve helped businesses like Netflix and Atlassian streamline their hiring strategies, strengthen their recruiting teams, and grow their business through strategic talent acquisition. 


Our Mission

To offer talent leaders the reach of a marketing leader, the forecast of a sales leader, and the insight of a finance leader in a unified talent acquisition suite.


Our Solutions 

Our Solution Add-ons

Key Differentiators

  • Easy to source, nurture, and reengage talent with customizable campaigns and the ability to send on behalf of others in your organization
  • Talent analytics and dashboards that help you measure initiatives such as DEI
  • Improved efficiency with fast resume review and our easy to use, intuitive UI

Languages and Areas of Support

  • English
  • All Industries 
  • All Company sizes with special a focus on the 200-1500 segment
  • All geographic regions

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