Partner Integration FAQs

Can I use Basic Auth for our integration?

The Lever Integrations program uses OAuth. OAuth offers a great user experience and is far more secure than Basic Auth.

If you have any concerns with working with OAuth the Lever Partner Experience Team would be more than happy to help you set up OAuth authentication. Try the example app to see a full workflow of a user granting access to an Integration and calling the API.

Basic Auth with an API Key is used by customers for their internal workflows using the API.

Which customers will have access to our integration?

Integrations that utilize OAuth and programmatic webhooks are available to all customers. Requisitions endpoints are available to customers with the Lever TRM Enterprise package or the Advanced HR feature. Older Basic Auth (API Key) integrations, or those that use the manual webhook set up, require customers to have the Data API and Webhook features respectively.

Can Lever provide a customer list?

No, the Lever team prioritizes the privacy of our customers, and therefore will not provide a list. We'd be happy to discuss all the benefits of integrating with us after you le us know you are interested in building an integration.

Is an integration required to partner with Lever?

Yes, completing and releasing an integration is a requirement for being a Lever partner.


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