How does Lever promote new integrations?


Congratulations! The integration is released, your listing is live but how does Lever communicate the new integration? We promote new integrations on a monthly cadence and also include them in our quarterly release. 

Monthly Release 

We release a cohort of integrations every month. On release day those integrations are included in the following:

1. Ecosystem Listing

Your listing will be added to and highlighted under the category 'New'.


2. Internal Notification

Lever GTM teams are notified of the newly released integrations and partner resources are added to our sales enablement repository. 




3. In-App Banner

Your company name and a link to your support article will be included on a banner in-app.


4a. Group Social Post

Your company will be included in a social post highlighting all the integrations launching that day. Cohort_7_.png


4b. Personalized Social Post

A personalized post featuring the Lever logo and your logo with a high-level description of what the integration does will be posted on Linkedin in the weeks following launch day. This will only be offered to partners who confirm they will also be going the same. 



Be sure to tag Lever in any posts and we will gladly share!

Instagram: @inside.lever 


4. Customer Deck

Every month we put together a deck of Lever's latest content and news for our CSMs to share with our customers. Included in the deck is a list of our new integrations and a link to their help center articles. 



Quarterly Release

Every quarter we release Lever product updates. We include all integrations that were released during the quarter in those promotions. Your integration will be mentioned in the following: 


1. Customer Emails

Your company name and a link to your support article will be featured in 2 emails. 1 teaser email listing what is to come in the next product release and the actual release email. 




2. Customer Webinar

Your company name and logo will be featured in our quarterly webinar highlighting all our newest product updates and integrations. 






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