Step 4: Finalize


You’ve built a wonderful integration, and submitted everything to move to production. Let’s look at the last steps to get your integration released and available to mutual customers. Finalizing your app breaks down into 3 steps:


Final Touches

After our meeting you may make a few changes and final touches to the integration. Once you are done, confirm with our team that you are ready to move to production. We will confirm the changes using the sandbox account you provided.


Implement Production Credentials

With all the final touches done and the integration ready for customers the Lever team will provide production OAuth credentials for you. Use these credentials in the production version of your integration and make sure all your API calls are pointing at the production API, and all the links to the Lever product are pointing to the production instance.


Confirm Move to Production

Once your production integration is up and running, and completely available to customers confirm back with our team. We will list your integration as available on our Ecosystem page, and announce your integration to our sales and support teams on our next big release day!

The Integration is Complete, Congratulations!🎉


To review additional steps, please click on the following links: 

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