Step 3: Submit to Move to Production


There are ⭐️ 5 things to complete on this step that will all come together to get us ready to have customers start using the integration:

Let’s look more closely at these steps.


Schedule Live QA Walkthrough Meeting

Reach out to our Partner Experience team to schedule a Live QA Walkthrough of the integration. We will be looking for you to share your screen and go through the full journey of connecting the integration and its use as if you were a customer. We will discuss any suggestions on improving the product for our mutual customers, concerns around functionality and review next steps for moving to production. 


Help Center Article

Tell us all about what you’ve built in simple terminology and easy steps. We will turn this into a help center article on our customer-facing support guide, saving both our customer support teams a lot of time and effort.

  1. What does the integration do. Include a short snippet at the top of the article.
  2. Where and How to enable the integration. Make sure to include a picture of the scopes the customers are authorizing.
  3. How to use the integration.
  4. What the integration should look like in Lever. Do you post updates as notes? Do you create feedback forms?

Also, consider creating a walkthrough video like Relay that we can embed, customers are especially fond of the videos (and so is our sales team).

Here’s an example of one of our favorites: 


Sandbox Login for Lever

Create two sandbox logins for the Lever team to review your integration against your technical details and help center article.

The logins should be made for: and

The team will login and ensure the customer experience will be straightforward and consistent. We will use the login on a continuing basis to ensure there have been no disruptions to the integration.


Ecosystem Listing Information

By now, you’ve probably seen our Partner ecosystem page, we’d like to list your integration!

Please fill out our New Ecosystem Listing Form to get your listing ready for release day.

Your integration will be listed as ‘coming soon’ once it completes everything outlined in your help center article without any errors. The listing will be updated to ‘available’ on release day.

Our partner marketing team will be in touch to discuss the rest of your partnership onboarding as well.


Technical Support

Together with you, we want to offer the best support we possibly can to our customers. Sometimes things may go wrong, so let's plan for that possibility. Let us know the best way to work with you on technical support by filling out the below form.



Once all assets from Step 3 are submitted we will begin finalizing the integration. 

Submit All Five Items to Partner Experience , and We’re Ready For the Final Step 🎉, Step 4!


To review additional steps, please click on the following links: 

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